Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pit Stop

Here is another layout I started awhile back and
just finished. I don't think I'll ever be able to
finish anything in one sitting ever again! I'm
pretty excited about this layout because I haven't
done anything with a racing theme. Racing is
my husband's passion which makes it, on some
level, important to me as well! These photos were
taken at JCPenney on the baby's first birthday
without my husband knowing this month's theme.
One of the blankets is handmade the baby's Great Aunt
Vivian and it shows my husband's race car. The other
blanket is handmade by the baby's Aunt Daisha.
These were such special gifts, I really liked how I was
able to incorporate them into his birthday photos
and into this layout.
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BonnieRose said...

great layout!

Lora said...

I'm sure your DH loves this one. Very cute!!

Debbi (no 'e' on the end) said...

I love that you use so many photo's on your layouts......great job!