Monday, July 30, 2007

Over the Rainbow

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More Swords

This is another addition to the two peas disney challenge. I had these photos and had to also do these. This was June 2005.
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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sword in the Stone Ceremony

Once upon a time....
These pages for the current Disney Challenge on Two Peas. I like working on my normal stuff and taking a "break" to complete the challenges as if they are assignments... keeps me into my Disney stuff!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Write It or Type It?

So the question is this:

Do you tend to do more hand or computer journaling?

I really don't like my handwriting so I do a lot of computer journaling. However, if it's something quick and simple, I'll write it out. I love looking at handwriting from my mom, grandma, and other family members. I love it how I can just glance at something and know immediately who wrote it. I can even copy their style of writing, but I feel like my writing is always different. I do like to write though because I want people to someday look at it and feel the way I do when I see something hand-written by my grandma who is no longer with us.

BackYard Paradise

Here is it! My favorite layout for the moment... I started out somewhat frustrated with the strange photo selection but I wanted to show the food and activities from my son's party. I also loved the photo of Grandpa Gary at the open grill. I just adore that photo of him. I also wanted to show my huge plate of kabobs since I was up the night before getting splinters galore!
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Creative Roll

I'm on this creative roll with a page I'm working on and even though I don't want to stop, it is so late and I can't even keep concentrating the way I should. I have this vision of 12x12 pages all in the same paper theme for my son's 1st birthday party photos. So far I've completed two layouts - Baby's First Cake, and Opening Gifts. This next one I'm working on started out to be a frustrating project because of my photo options but it's turning out to be one of my all-time favorite creations. I can't wait to get it done and posted. The subject of this layout is Back Yard Paradise and showcases photos of the food and activites we had at the party. I'm loving the paper .... Laid Back by Close to My Heart ... and how it goes so well with the Hawaiian theme of my son's party. Can't wait to share the finished project!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Celeb Look Alike

5 Things I do Everyday....

Blog about 5 things you do every day , without fail.
List 5 things you do each and every day, weekday or weekend...

  1. Give my son hugs and kisses! What kind of mother would I be if I didn't?
  2. Nurse. Yes, the little one is still breastfeeding and it is something we do everday without fail!
  3. Put sunblock on my face.
  4. Check my email. I'm a fanatic, it's really bad!
  5. Scrapbook! Lately, this is really true... I have been slightly addicted lately!

I'm not exactly a person of routine and I hardly follow any schedule especially on a daily basis, but this entry kind of makes me sad thinking of things I should do everyday but don't. Here's five things I resolve to do everyday....

  1. Give my husband a kiss and a hug! What kind of wife am I?
  2. Call my mother!
  3. Spend some time with our dog who has been a bit neglected lately.
  4. Exercise!
  5. Pray and actively be thankful for our blessings!!

Little All-Star

My son's first and so far only trip to see the Giants play at the end of last season. What a great day for an outing with the baby but a bad day for the Giants as we lost that day to the Dodgers. Oh well...and things have yet to change in that department....

Best Friends

This was a fun page. It's a Close to my Heart kit and it was a little outside my box to follow the instructions in the kit but it was fun and I really like the way it came out.

Joseph's First Year Photos

This is another all about memories photo matt I purchased for all of Joseph's photos from his first year. Again, I just have to rave about this product! Check them out....
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Friday, July 13, 2007

All About Memories

I'm loving these photo frames from
I got this one for my husband as a Christmas gift. I found these
at a scrapbook expo and ordered them... I highly recommend them!
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65th Birthday Invitation

Ah-ha! I made an invitation! This is for my dad's surprise 65th birthday dinner. Let's hope he hasn't discovered this blog... he knows we're going to dinner, but not that others are invited!! I'm so happy with the way this came out... Adventures in card-making and eyelets aren't so bad afterall!
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4th of July 2007

Today is the first day I felt well enough to complete something. This was my Close To My Heart kit I made the night before the 4th of July and I made some modifications to it but not many
I paticularly like the words to the Star Spangled Banner that I added. We didn't really get that many photos on the 4th of July so that's the reason for the big photos. We hope next year isn't as hot and is more relaxing!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Little Earthquakes

Today's Challenge~

Do you have one book that you would recommend a friend to read?

One of my favorite books is Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner. It's a book that I'd recommend to mothers and especially a mom-to-be. I read this book before I got pregnant but shortly before I knew we were going to start TTC and I loved the picture this book paints of motherhood ups and downs. We often only hear the horror stories of motherhood and then we see this picture perfect image of motherhood portrayed in media... so this book felt so realistic to me and helped soothe my fears of soon becoming a new mom.

Friday, July 6, 2007

12 Months of Joe

We took Joseph in for his pictures every month the first year - yes I'm one of *those* moms. Anyhow.... even though I left my camera in Riverbank, I am so addicted to blogging, I borrowed a digital camera so I could blog! Joe and I are sick (I had a fever this morning) so there aren't any creative juices or energy for scrapbooking .... I tried... but I was able to photograph this album. The title page is still in the works - I'll update it if it ever gets done!


Two Peas Disney Challenge....

This is a fun photo from August 2004 - father-in-law & saw-in-law acting silly in the Autopia staged car.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


4th of July was HOT. We went to the central valley where they were having record-breaking heat. How did we stay cool? Well... we didn't! We got stuck in the Merced Speedway stands under the lights where the bugs were dropping all over us. The baby was miserable... I was miserable... we rushed out of there as soon as possible and didn't stick around for the fireworks show. Thank goodness it was free admission! Not fun. Next year, I want to stay at home and watch fireworks on TV from the comfort of my sofa sipping hot chocolate in the cool Salinas night air.

No photos for awhile.... I left my camera in Riverbank and won't get it until Sunday when we go back for a family BBQ.

Monday, July 2, 2007

We Love Donald!

This is a Disney challenge from Two Peas... I had to participate and put this together because we love Donald!
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First Home

This is an incomplete spread, but I wanted to post it because it was something I started at the crop over the weekend. I'm planning to put some journaling on the right page in the blank square. This layout is kind of meaningful to me because it's about the house where we were living when our son was born. We moved two months after he was born, but my husband and I owned the house for two years. It was our first place together.... aww...

Grease Monkey

This is one of those layouts that came together because of a funny moment captured on camera. My husband had the baby out in the wagon (before he could walk) and gave him a wrench so they could work on the race car "together." Sure enough, my son starts beating the car with a wrench. Love it!
Also I love this layout and how cute it came out. I bought this paper back at an Expo, but used Madeline's stamps at the crop over the weekend. LOVE the dark stamped monkeys on the brown paper especially!

Monkey Love

As a mom of a boy, I'm always looking for an excuse to use pink in my paper crafts. This was a fun layout to do. I had bought this one sheet of Valentine's Day themed paper and had to find a way to use it. Again, thanks to Madeline for letting me use her stamps on these pages. I'm super happy with the way it came out!


I have to thank Madeleine for allowing me to use her stamps on this layout. I think this whole spread is Close To My Heart product! The paper is from the Cocoa collection I had purchased awhile back and I borrowed the snow and winter themed stamps at the crop. i LOVE these pages!

Went to a Crop

I haven't been to a lot of crops but have enjoyed them because I meet new people and I get ideas and inspiration. At this paticular crop, I got inspired to make cards. I am doing a baby shower later in the year and have decided that I want to make the invitations for sure!!

I got some really cute layouts completed at this crop I attended. One (or two?) still need some journaling but I need to print it because I don't like handwriting for long journaling. But I'll be posting some of the layouts I completed....