Friday, May 21, 2010

Contributor: Alona Tan

Another one of my amazingly talented friends completed her Veranda kit recently and shared this photo of her beautiful work. Alona is a very talented artist who used to teach classes at the local scrapbook store. In addition to her artistic talent, she is a wonderful friend.

Contributor: Lusanne Fox

   One of my friends, Lusanne Fox, recently discovered Close to my Heart. She made these cards using the Topstitch kit. Very nice job Lusanne!  If you'd like to contribute artwork to my blog, please submit your work by email. I love to see all the creations that friends are using with CTMH.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More thank you cards

So this is my customer order part one. These are already done. I'm so sad though because the flash on my camera is broken. The bulb broke and I need $180 to get an external flash according the local camera store. I guess I better check for better deals online. This was a photo before I realized I had no flash. I was doing a big head scratch about it at first....
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Thank you card custom order

This is a sample for a customer who has placed an order for thank you cards to send after a baby shower.
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