Thursday, July 5, 2007


4th of July was HOT. We went to the central valley where they were having record-breaking heat. How did we stay cool? Well... we didn't! We got stuck in the Merced Speedway stands under the lights where the bugs were dropping all over us. The baby was miserable... I was miserable... we rushed out of there as soon as possible and didn't stick around for the fireworks show. Thank goodness it was free admission! Not fun. Next year, I want to stay at home and watch fireworks on TV from the comfort of my sofa sipping hot chocolate in the cool Salinas night air.

No photos for awhile.... I left my camera in Riverbank and won't get it until Sunday when we go back for a family BBQ.

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connerfamily said...

I am so sorry you guys were so miserable. Maybe it's a good thing you didn't have your camara, you don't have to relive any of it!